Treating children

Osteopathy can be enjoyed by people of all ages and at Quendon Osteopathy I specialise in treating babies and children. My youngest patient has been just a few days old being brought in for a post-birth check up!

I have 2 onsite parking spaces and the clinic is pushchair accessible. I have books and toys to keep the toddler age group amused!

Cranial osteopathic techniques are particularly suitable for babies – the soothing & calming nature of the treatment can help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Throughout childhood an occasional check up with a Paediatric Osteopath may be helpful in alleviating any aches and pains, following bumps, falls and minor sports injuries. Lifestyle activities such as carrying heavy school bags, using tablets & phones, and inactivity can also contribute to children getting back and neck pain.

An osteopath will help to establish the cause of the problem and will provide advice on treatment, or refer for further examinations if required. Gentle manual therapy may help to resolve any stresses and strains that are affecting the body and relieve pain. Osteopaths can also provide lifestyle advice that may help to prevent the problem from coming back.

Paediatric Osteopathy is not an alternative to mainstream medicine. and we often work alongside G.P.s and Health Visitors, referring patients to them when appropriate. If you are concerned about your child’s health, please speak to your G.P./Health Visitor before booking an appointment.