Keeping active in the winter

You may well have made a New Year Resolution to “get fit”, but when the weather gets colder and wetter it’s all too easy to give in to the temptation to hibernate!

Finding ways to stay motivated is the key to keeping going. Here are some tips to help:

  • Set specific Goals – be clear on what you are wanting to achieve over the next few months e.g. lifting heavier weights, running further, be able to touch your toes, play with grandchildren, walk the dog further. Specific achievable goals mean you are more likely to succeed.
  • Have some indoor variations e.g, a gym option if you can’t get out for a run, swimming pool, yoga classes – variety will spice things up!
  • Experiment with home workouts. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to go out to the gym on a dark winter’s evening! Why not make some room and try something at home? Need some inspiration? Get yourself a workout DVD or find a free app on your phone or tablet. This can be super handy for short workouts and you can choose any time of day to workout.
  • Buddy up! If you normally workout by yourself, try something new and take up a group activity. Working out with a partner or in a group setting has been shown to have better outcomes in terms of performance and enjoyment, not to mention boosting your motivation, particularly if you know your friend is there waiting for you! Try swapping a coffee meet for a walk or an exercise class.
  • Schedule it in – be deliberate in scheduling exercise and fitting it in, even when you are busy. Once you write it down in your calendar, it becomes part of your schedule for the day and this can help you achieve your fitness goal. Don’t let lack of time get you down – regular short bursts of high intensity exercise are really effective.
  • ‘Tweak’ daily habits to encourage more activity during the day – park the car further away from the shops, use the stairs, even simple things like buttock squeezes or standing on one leg when you brush your teeth
  • Family trips and days out are the perfect opportunity to stay active. Shopping trips, walks in the park, a family swim session, bowling etc can keep you fit and be fun for everyone. The kids need to be active too!

Regular exercise will give you the energy to take on each day and may even boost your immune system and help fight off the winter blues. So have a positive mindset and embrace the winter season!

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down before any exercise that you do and remember that I am here to help if you get any niggling injuries that are limiting your activity. You can call me on 01799 543444 or book online.

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